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My great grandfather use to tell me stories of how September 1, 1939, changed his life. He was forced out of his home with his three children and wife to survive World War II. He has said there were troubled times then, but somehow by the grace of god, and the need for better, they had continued on their long journey for a better life. After WWII, over 6 million people had died, many being family and friends and co-workers, he was devastated. The businesses and towns were destroyed, and Poland was economically devastated. At that time, Poland was liberated and turned into a communistic country, which posed a great danger to my both of grandparents, because they were educated, and intellectual. They both knew what would happen if they did not try and migrate to the United States, and soon. So, they decided to take off and try and get to the United States with little money for food or living quarters. There were many nights when they and their children would go to sleep hungry and not knowing when they were going to eat again. They were founded, and put into a refugee camp and decided that because they were educated and committed to assimilating into American culture, they separated from Polonia, and the refugee camp, and aligned themselves with other middle class and professional groups and made it into America. It was rough along the way…show more content…
Their family was torn apart in order to become “free”. They have been in refugee camps, had their own family and friends meet death at young ages. I would like to thank God for allowing them the courage and strength to persevere through all of the hard times, even though at times, I know it took every ounce of their being to be able to come to America and give me the life that I now

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