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The Hurt and the Healer Ever since the dawn of time, there has been a need for change. To some, change is good, and to others it is bad. The want of change depends on a person’s situation, of course. Much-afraid’s want of change brought out her true character during her journey to the High Places. Hannah Hurnard’s Hind’s Feet on High Places shows how Much-afraid changed and earned her new name, Grace and Glory. Before Much-afraid starts her journey to get her new name, home, and self, she must first accept her first trial: receiving the seed of love. Much-afraid approves the actions of the Shepherd. “Then He pressed the thorn into her heart. It was true, just as He had said, it did cause a piercing pain, but it slipped in quickly and then,…show more content…
His character can be compared to that of a raven; he torments and picks on Much-afraid daily. Much-afraid’s lack of trusting could be rooted back to her family, for they give her no reason to trust them. They are always lying to her, and even held her captive so that she would not go with the shepherd. “Filled with a yearning for a better life, to flee the Low Places and the problems met in it, the Bride decides to start a journey for the High Places” (Puolin). The way that she describes Much-afraid as ‘the bride’ brings a whole new perspective to the picture. Much-afraid progresses through the story really growing close to the Shepherd; in the end the two are like the Spirit and the Bride. Much-afraid’s character is accurately described in this essay by Puolin, and goes to show how much Much-afraid changes through the…show more content…
“Near the end of Much-Afraid’s journey, she needs to have the last part of her old self removed,” Campbell says, “In order to truly love, Much-Afraid needs have the flower of longing for love ripped out of her heart.” Indeed this is a huge step in Much-afraid’s journey. The seed of love that has been growing in her heart since the beginning of her journey now must be removed from her heart. “In order for much afraid to love the shepherd, she needs to have this ripped out of her heart, and because it used to be such a major part of her, it hurt her badly. The greatest pain that afflicts Much-Afraid afflicts her in this part of the story, but in the end it also brings her the most joy” (Campbell). After this major change in her, Much-afraid is full of love and joy and able to enter the High Places. She is full of so much joy and love that she goes back to the Valley of Humiliation to minister to her family so that they can experience what she has. Grace and Glory has definitely earned her name which also reflects her new character brought out through her triumphant journey. If it were not for her journey to commence, she would still be Much-afraid: one of the Fearings living down in the Valley of Humiliation and married to Craven Fear. No matter how long the journey or how high the climb is, if a person relies on God, they can get through it. If God brings someone to it, He will bring him or her through

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