Mary Sue In Star Trekkie's Tae

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You know that main character that everyone in that story seems to love or hate for little to no reason at all? Even you at times finding it hard to believe that you are also falling under this is so called 'perfect' character. This type of character is called Mary Sue. Not only is this character poorly developed and they also are clichéd characters. The term Mary Sue started after Paula Smith in the early 1970's wrote a fan fiction for Star Trek called A Trekkie's Tae, starring a fan made character named Mary Sue. She was the youngest Lieutenant at the tender age of fifteen. This character not only made the entire canon, or the original, cast of Star Trek act out of character, but she made them very pathetic in comparison. Now some people…show more content…
When Harry was enounced the 'chosen one' and everyone loved him again after two years of everyone hating him, this is where the series goes downhill for the series. He also, out of nowhere, falls for a girl for the most part had little impact on his life, besides the fact she was his best friend's sister. Him being so God like in the last two books, make it hard for me to call myself a fan anymore. Another good example is sadly my favorite T.V. show, Doctor Who. One of the many companions of the Doctor, Rose Tyler, is another one of those awful boring, shallow Mary sues that do make a lot of the fans, that I know, not watch the first two seasons of the new series. She absorbed the Time Vortex, the reason why people can travel through time in the show, which made her very powerful and able to stop a fleet of aliens, which is something only the Doctor can do. Her devotion to the Doctor is also very sue like, because she ignores everyone around her, including her mom and her long term boyfriend. Roe also shown to be the 'ideal companion 'and this is, because the Doctor seems to have some feelings for her more than just
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