Argumentative Essay On What Happens When Jason Abandoned Medea

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Terry Lee English 10 Period 7 Medea: Embed I. 1-61 Nurse’s Lament When Jason abandoned Medea and has married King Creon’s daughter, Nurse felt pity for Medea. Medea’s truth love toward Jason has led her to abandon her family, and now she is “crying to herself for her dear father, her home, her own land, all those things she left behind” (41-42). After “their fine love’s grown sick, diseased”, Nurse lamented the tragic story of Medea and Jason. (22) II. 62- 120 Medea’s Anger Nurse and Tutor is quiet worried about the actions that Medea would do to have revenge toward Jason because “[Nurse] knows this anger of hers will not end, not before she turns it loose on someone” (118-119). Thus, the betrayal of Jason has caused the Nurse to tremendously feel pities for Medea after she “[saw Medea’s] look at [Jason] with savage eyes” (116). III. 121-313 Burden of a Failed Marriage The mental pain of Medea has caused her to have…show more content…
She speaks to the Chorus and planning to take revenge toward Jason by killing the king, her daughter, and their children. In order for Medea to kill them in “the most direct” method, she decided to “murder them with poison” (453, 455). So all this plan that she is setting up is basically to start “this deadly business” to show her evilness towards Jason (477). VI. 487-523 The Gift of Phoebus Chorus is chanting that all the plans and what Medea is planning to do is “flowing in reverse” (488). Jason has lost all the “firm trust in the gods” and Medea’s life is becoming disastrous (492). In that period of time, women did not have many chances to speak up their voices because only men were able to “make sacred music with the lyre” (501). But Phoebus, “god of song and singing”, had allowed women to speak up so that Medea had right to do whatever she wants to have revenge toward Jason (499). VII. 524- 747 The Decisive

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