Montressor, The Stingy And The Shady

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Montressor, the stingy and the shady My impression on Montressor is that he is a very stingy and shady person throughout the entire story. He is offended by Fortunato’s insult, and Montressor suddenly has the urge to murder Fortunato for making such insult. Montressor is shady because he used wine to trick Fortunato to go into the wine cellars of the latter’s palazzo, where they wander in the catacombs, which is deep below the ground. Then Montressor used reversed-psychology to lure Fortunato to proceed further down to the catacombs of the palazzo to reach the pipe of Amontillado, which happens to be a rare and valuable wine. Montressor is stingy because he purposely showed Fortunato his family’s coat of arms, “a golden foot crushing a snake whose fangs are embedded in the foot’s heel,” this imply that though the person attacking him and his family may be venomous and dangerous, but they will not get away without being punished severely. Montressor and Fortunato reached a niche, Montressor informed Fortunato that the pipe of Amontillado is inside, and since Fortunato is already drunk he wandered in unknowingly that it is a trap which will cost him his very own life. Then Montressor quickly chained Fortunato to the wall and started to seal the niche with bricks. Fortunato begged for mercy, but Montressor refused to comply, and enjoyed every bit of wailing Fortunato made. Though it has been fifty years since he walled Fortunato alive in the catacombs, but he has yet to be caught murdering his friend on the search for the imaginary pipe of Amontillado, which Fortunato believed that it actually

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