Compare And Contrast A Rose For Emily And Grendel

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Final Draft The justification of murder and the “reason” for it In “Grendel” and “A Rose for Emily”, Faulkner and Gardner are trying to portray Emily’s and Grendel’s feelings by articulating them through murders they committed during the course of each works. Both characters committed these murders that were triggered by some similar and a few differentiable motives. The author from each of the works show Grendel and Emily to be very strange and lonely characters, Grendel is portrayed as an ugly terrifying monster and Emily is shown as a strange single woman in her 30’s who likes her privacy and is very ungenerous. These are few of the reason why people in each of the works started separating themselves from Grendel and Emily. I think the murders…show more content…
Both Grendel and Emily were lonely, Grendel was angry at the humans because of the way they were reacting towards him, he was jealous of their lifestyle, their parties and singing. Grendel had it in his mind that the reason he was created was to make people’s life miserable. In “A Rose for Emily” Faulkner portrayed Emily as an insane woman. In my opinion I think Emily decided to kill homer was because, homer was thinking about moving up north and leaving her just like Emily’s previous boyfriend she was afraid to be all alone and lonely again So she decided to buy “rat poison” and mixed it with a drink and gave it to homer. In “Grendel”, if the humans would have judged Grendel not just by his looks but by his character, the 12 year war between Grendel and the humans had a very slim if any chance to take place. In “A Rose for Emily”, I think if her father would have let Emily go out more instead of being overly protective and keeping her away from dating when she was young, she would have had a good life and would have not been so

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