Character Disintegration - Macbeth

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Ashley Demerac
August 24th, 2015
01.07: Macbeth – Character Disintegration
Topic Choice #2: Explore how Macbeth changes over the course of the play.

Macbeth changes quite significantly during the course of the play. In the beginning, Macbeth is a valued general, a dear husband, and an ardent subject of the king. When the first revelations are made by the witches, Macbeth shows his more aggressive side, leading to his murder of the king. Since Lady Macbeth set him up to this by insulting his manhood, Macbeth took a turn for the worst when he started experiencing fear and guilt. You’d think he’d put an end to all of this negativity by this point, yet it actually drags out and he continues with doing malicious, unlawful acts. Eventually this leads to more trouble for Macbeth; He begins to struggle with hallucinations and sleeplessness, causing him to become extremely paranoid. He began to lose his human qualities during this process of regaining his ‘so-called’ manhood, as his killing spree was pretty much a joke on his actual manliness. Macbeth’s decadence then led to his marriage to slowly fall apart. At first, him and Lady Macbeth really do love each other, and show affection for one another. Though, Lady Macbeth becomes less important to her husband, Macbeth, after the murder of Duncan and he allows the witches to take her place. The witches pretty much have him brain-washed toward the end of the play by making him believe that no man could ever bring harm to him. With him believing such nonsense, he just becomes his monster who is completely

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