Connected Text Between Thi Shining and Macbeth

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To what extent are the characters similar in their portrayal of development and persona? The play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare and ‘The Shining’ film by Stanley Kubrick are similar in their portrayal of character development, persona and technique. Both antagonists are looking forward to living a new life, getting closer to their family and generally being a better person. Unfortunately the development of both the main characters and support characters are similar and can be connected through this essay. Jack Torrence and Macbeth both start out as normal, lovable characters. They both love their family and want what’s best for them. Macbeth tries to achieve this by becoming king; while Jack becomes the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. They also both suffer from severe paranoia. In Jack’s case he first seems paranoid when Wendy hears him screaming and comes to his aid only to find that he had a nightmare about killing his family. In Macbeth you can first tell that he is paranoid when he is in his chambers pacing, scared that he will lose his crown. Although Macbeth turns to murder a lot quicker than Jack, they both resort to murder in the end. With Macbeth murdering King Duncan and Jack trying to kill his family, it is clear that they both are mentally unstable. Another strong connection between the two, are the hallucinations that they suffer. Jack hallucinates about past events there and a bartender named ‘Lloyd’. Jack also meets the past murderer, Delbert Grady and he convinces jack to kill his family. However in Macbeth, Macbeth hallucinates about Banquo and then goes insane; much like Jack Torrance. Like Jack and Macbeth, the female characters Wendy Torrance and Lady Macbeth are two women who are happy and excited to start their new life. Although Lady Macbeth tries pressuring Macbeth into killing King Duncan, Wendy is just an innocent woman. Wendy
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