Modest Proposal Essay: Legalizing Prostitution

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Steven Hoernicke Period 5 Villanueva February 23, 2013 Modest Proposal Essay The profession that has been in our country since our forefathers were around also has the nickname of being the oldest profession, and that profession is prostitution. If our society saw the full legalization of prostitution then society will benefit greatly from the benefits. Our economy will truly flourish with the millions of dollars that are being brought in through prostitution. We are wasting so much money on trying to stop the profession but we could use that money for more important areas. With the legalization, the public would be safer as the prostitutes will become independent businesses and won't need a pimp that might abuse them. Legalizing prostitution is the only way…show more content…
the art of prostitution has been around since our forefathers drafted up the Constitution back in 1787. Benjamin Franklin, one of the most important people in American history, had a fancy for French prostitutes. Prostitution is the oldest profession, so we should have some respect and honor that it has been around this long and that our forefathers were part of this profession. I believe that we should legalize it because it has been part of our history since we first colonized. The most important people used prostitution so we should follow in their footsteps since they are the creators of our nation. Thirdly, if prostitution becomes legalized then it will help people's marriages. Prostitution is thought of a service, so if a husband sleeps with a prostitute, it won't be an act of cheating but instead it will be a service provided by the business of the prostitute. If the husband can't satisfy his wife, then the wife should be able to call of the services of a male prostitute. These prostitute are professionals, so theses couples would be learning from the best, and love making is a big part of a healthy relationship. The prostitutes would helping out be strengthening the couple's

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