Modern Day Veterinarian

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The field of veterinary has greatly expanded from the 1900’s to standard companion animal care today. Veterinarians are expected to do so much more than treat household pets these days but during the beginning of the veterinarian years they would care for select animals such as farm animals and house pets. Veterinarians today and early years made a great impact in both private and public sectors of health. Veterinarians can play an essential role in government work, heading biomedical research, and of course caring for animals besides the standard cats and dogs. Modern day veterinarians with high levels of education are needed for care and management of animals in the 21st century. The nature of veterinarians is to care for the health of animals and protect humans against diseases. Veterinarians diagnose animal health problems and also vaccinate against diseases such as distemper and rabies that will harm animal’s health. They also treat and dress wounded animals so the wound will not get infected. However, veterinarians would medicate animals who are suffering from illnesses or infections to soothe the pain.…show more content…
Most black veterinarians usually care for household pets such as dogs, birds, and other animals that can be kept as household pets. Not a lot of black veterinarians will work with mixed animals such as wild animals, farm animals, and companion animals. Many private black veterinarians have a passion to work with large animals. Private practice veterinarians will drive out of their way or even walk to these ranches or farms to provide veterinary care to individual animals or herds. Veterinarians will consult with ranch or farm owners regarding animal production, housing, and feeding; also they will vaccinate against and test for diseases. Stethoscopes, surgical instrument, diagnostic equipment, ultrasound and including radiographic equipment are all used by veterinarians to care and treat

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