Model Citizenship for Boys in Colonial Britain

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Document Analysis: Model Citizenship for boys in Colonial Britain HIST 1002 Europe in the 20th Century Professor Whitney Houston By: Reyhan Adamhar 100879876 This document from Lieutenant General Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the scout movement describes the form of conduct that is expected for them. Baden-Powell’s purpose to write this was to show how relevant the boy scouts were and how they were effective they were in the past. Baden-Powell used the siege of Mafeking as an example of the above. Mafeking was a town in British South Africa and there were reports that the Boers were preparing for an invasion of British colonies . In order to better prepare the untrained young men for the invasion the then Colonel Baden-Powell set up some guidelines that acts as tips and codes of behaviour that is acceptable for them. This code is also filled with patriotic rhetoric and by seeing these we can know what the British felt about their country and its purpose. The example that Baden-Powell wrote in this document occurred during the 2nd Boer War. The Boers had the advantage in equipment and numbers and the British were in a serious predicament. Baden-Powell decided to bog the Boer forces through a tight defence instead of attacking them and chose the town of Mafeking as the battlefield . Colonel Baden-Powell realized that they were outnumbered so he set out to strengthen the garrison and Baden-Powell had Edward Cecil, the Chief Staff Officer to train the boys in forms of combat and discipline . The scouts did very well in this battle and offered great amounts of support during the war. During the time of the writing of this document, the United Kingdom were in a patriotic fervor. At this point in time, the UK was the greatest colonial power in the world and Baden-Powell was concerned for the state of his country’s military and wrote this
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