Explain Why The Conservatives Lose The 1906 Election

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‘The conservatives lost the 1906 election, rather than the liberals winning it.’ Discuss. Despite the fact the liberal party had lost the general elections of 1895 and 1900 by a huge majority, they won by a huge gap in the 1906 election, although did the conservative party lose it rather than the liberals winning it. There were four main theories that historians believe were a reason for the result of the 1906 election which were, the Boer war, the 1902 education act, thirdly Joseph Chamberlain’s tariff reform campaign was responsible or lastly Arthur Balfour and his miscalculations were responsible for the outcome of the general election in 1906. From 1889 to 1905 Britain encountered a surprisingly difficult war in Africa, the Boer war. The British public, army and the government themselves were not expecting such a strong resistance by the Boer tribes. This made the public question the current government. It seemed to them that the government had allowed the British army to become weak and send them into battle without preparation and also without them being healthy enough to fight, this began to give the Tories a bad name. Also the Boer war may have been a reason and incentive for Chamberlain, the sectary of state for the colonies, tariff reform campaign, which had a huge part to play in the Unionist split.…show more content…
The Boer war allowed an important change in the liberal party. After the war the party became ‘more accommodating and less obsessive about the issues it espoused.’ The party and Campbell-Bannerman wanted the party to be a ‘broad-church’ and did not want any policy to be more important than another
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