Misuse Mobile Phone

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Misuse cell phone on school going students | ENG101 | | Group: 6 | | Report | 3/8/2013 | | Prepared For Ms.Bilkis Fahmida Instructor to ENG102,English Comprehension and speaking Department of English,College of Arts and Science GROUP 6 Tajnin Honey Tonni :13202116 Dilruba Yesmin Rime :13202081 Shahadat Hossain :13202098 Sahed Khan :13202070 Shazratul Eakin :13202094 Niaz Morshed :13202078 * Introduction Cell phone is very important things in modern age. It is a common way of communication. Everyone can use a mobile phone, but when it’s not use properly then it is called misuse of mobile phone or cell phone. There are many abuses of cell phone. One of them is when it use a school going students, like class of 4,5,6.When they use mobile phone or cell phone they can’t attentive their study properly. Mobile phones have redefined connectivity and communication. But high-end mobile phones have also turned out to be handy devices for criminals,anti-social elements and even activists. Mobile phones have their uses and misuses. * Cell phone at Schools Every school is different, but most allow students to bring phones as long as they turn them off during class. School is the first step to make a good or bad character of a student. But some of school authority don’t understand it. Because they allow some prohibited things like using cell phone a school going student don’t need. He or she has no
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