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“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is a quote commonly used for a person that will very quickly judge another but once they are being criticized that same person thinks it is unfair. This quote sums up Miss Brills character in her self titled short story by Katherine Mansfield. The setting is placed on a Sunday afternoon, on Miss Brills normal bench she sits on every Sunday. Miss Brill is an extremely lonely and narcissistic woman and the reader can see these traits in her the farther into the story they read. In the first paragraph of the story Miss Brill pulls out her fur. This fur is one of the biggest pieces of symbolism in the whole entire story. This is due to the fact that Miss Brill is extremely lonely and the fur is many examples of that. Katherine Mansfield shows the reader Miss Brills loneliness through personifying the fur she wears. The fur’s nose “wasn’t at all firm. It must have had a knock somehow.” the reason the fur has a knock on the nose is because later in the story Miss Brill receives a “knock” on her nose from the young couple that were making snide remarks. Miss Brill also refers to her fur as a “little rogue” Miss Brill uses the word rogue because a rogue is a dishonest or unprincipled person, especially a man. The reader can infer that the reason she called it a rogue is because Miss Brill has dealt with dishonest men before and her life and that is the cause of her extreme loneliness. On the very last page of the story the reader sees Miss Brill get mocked by a young couple that say “But why? Because of that stupid old thing at the end there?” then the girl says “It's her fu-fur which is so funny,” giggled the girl. “It's exactly like a fried whiting.” Now at first them saying these things about Miss Brill hurt her but once the girl made a remark about her fur looking like a fried whiting Miss Brill knew that she had

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