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Miss Brill – Character Analysis In “Miss Brill,” the main character Miss Brill is a lonely old woman who enjoys going to the park on Sunday afternoon and enjoys watching people from a park bench. She enjoys this activity because it gives her an escape from her dull life. She creates fantasy on how she sees the world and in the story makes us in into believing so. She eavesdrops into people’s conversation and makes comments in her head. The character Miss Brill lives through the lives of other in order to run from hers. Although Miss Brill is a lonely figure, she does not aware of it or may deny it. She tries to console herself by relieving loneliness and going to the park by watching the people around her. "Miss Brill always looked forward to the conversation" in hearing bits and pieces of information within the conversation of the characters, makes her day. In a way, she likes the idea into other people's life that she feels a scene of connection. She considers the old people that she sees sitting in the green bench at the park are “Funny...odd, silent, nearly all old...as though they'd just come from dark little rooms," without realizing that she is one of them. Until finally a young couple laugh and mock miss Brill. They feel disturbed by her presence. The man makes her realize that she is not needed in the world. Miss Brill’s behavior in listening to other people’s conversation, in the end brings her into social isolation. When she hears the younger couple’s harsh comment on her fur, Miss Brill was hurting terribly. She left the park, pass the baker shop where she usually does her honey cake shopping and climbed into the stairs, and went into her little dark room, crying. Society’s treatment especially between the younger generation and the elderly people makes her feel isolated and away from her fantasy she needed. Miss Brill’s illusions are constructed as

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