Why Women Smile

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Yanlene Diaz Torres English 1301 Professor: Alisson Teichgraeber Date:10/11/09 Why women smile A woman’s smile is part of our life and society. It can be a social smile or a true enjoyable smile. A Woman with a simple smile has the power to change people’s life, because of that , women smile everyday of their life , even when they do not feel happy. The act of a smile should be a sign of happiness and satisfaction , but unfortunately it does not happen all the time. Sometimes women smile to support their family ,or because somebody is smiling ,forgetting what is the real importance and value of a natural and spontaneous smile. When I smiled is in order to show my emotions , but sometime I just do it for education and to seem nice, feelings According to Amy Cunningham ,”We smile so often and so promiscuously—when we’re angry ,when we’re tense , when we’re with children , when we’re being photographed.”Amy’s opinion support the idea that a woman’s smile has lost it’s real value of meaning. Women smile, to show that they are happy and to share their love with their loved one’s to demonstrate how proud they are of their family. Families are very dependent of a women support and love. In our society a woman’s smile has become part of our life and culture, and for that reason they smile so often to show their feelings and emotions. For example, my smile is very important for a lot of people such as friend , family and co-workers , that’s why sometime when I do not smile for any reason they assumed that I am sad of mad of them. It is one of the reasons that I tried to always smile , because for me is very important to make people around me feel happy and comfortable with me. Women have very deep feelings, I believe that even deeper then a man’s feelings, that‘s why for us it is almost necessary to show ,hide and
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