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Military Draft I think the military draft will be unjust for this country. A military draft would inhibit the success of the U.S. military and the military draft legislation. The military draft would inhibit the success of the military because the U.S. military relies on quality rather than quantity of people. According to Jonathan Schwitzer, editor of the Johns Hopkins News-Letter, a draft will lead to anti-American sentiment and unpatriotic behavior among those who oppose the draft or the war as it did during the Vietnam conflict. The draft will divide the nation -- see Vietnam -- and the last thing the United States needs during a time of war is a people divided, says Roger Mundy, editor of the Daily Oakland Press. A nation must be united during war as this country was during WWII. In addition to a divided nation, the principle of equality among the sexes would haunt the military draft legislation. Equality among the sexes would haunt the military draft legislation because issues of gays in the military may serve as an even greater deterrent. Former president, Bill Clinton, temporarily resolved the issue of gays in the military with his "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. While many oppose gays being drafted out of moral concern of forcing our nation's men to serve with gays, others would view it as unfair for gays not to have to bear the "burden" of serving in the army because of their sexual orientation, stated by Eric Naing of the Independent Daily News of Illinois. Additionally, given the increasing acceptance of homosexuality, in the case of a draft, many straight males would claim to be gay to avoid service. Draft dodging would take on a new meaning. Now all draft dodgers would have to do is claim to be homosexual to avoid military service. Reinstatement of the draft so that all people must serve in the military will hurt the military and the nation. I

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