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Cover letter Professor Hickman, My letter is in response to the writing assignment on the core reading. I chose Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna be Average”. I am hopeful my writing will provide you with a summary and response as directed in writing project 1. My peer review by one classmate was quite helpful. In her review she stated which sentences, and where to find them, that needed the most help. She commented on the fact they were hard to follow and confusing. She also pointed out that I needed to elaborate more on the summary. I only mentioned Ken, a classmate from the excerpt, once in my paper. I need to introduce him in my summary to understand my reference in the conclusion. I should also explain more of Mike and Jack MacFarland’s relationship and why that reference is so important to this story. She mentioned, I should use more quotes and details in my response to back up my opinion. My second review was not very helpful. That peer review was vague. It echoed the first review without a lot of details that will help better my paper. I made an effort to revise my paper. I incorporated my peers review into it. I gave more details about the relationship between MacFarland and Mike. I also included Ken into my summary to help with the confusion of who he is. I also reworded sentences that were confusing. I’m hoping my revised final draft will give insight into this excerpt by Mike Rose. Ashley Reuzenaar Professor Hickman English 111 05D 2 September 2015 Summary and Response Educational scholar Mike Rose authored I Just Wanna be Average excerpt from Lives on the Boundary, a semi biography of his high school experience in vocational education at Our Lady of Mercy. Our Lady of Mercy administers an assortment of tests for placement. The author’s assessment was switched with another student putting the author into vocational courses. Vocational courses

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