Summary: Stages For Beginners

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Assessments [pic] Grand Canyon University:ESL-523N Shaquana J. Stephens-Myers June 18, 2012 |Teacher Name: |Shaquana J. Stephens-Myers | | | | |Stages |1 for a Beginners | |Topic: | How do we use our journal? | |Content: |This exercise is given to help the students master journaling. The students will be in small groups…show more content…
Guess what that is | | |called? It is called inventive spelling. It is okay to try and make the effort to spell a word by saying the | | |word. Listen to the sounds of the letters, it will help you. If you need extra help, you may call me. First, | | |write your name on the paper. Second, find the first page and draw a picture of something you enjoy doing with| | |your family. | | Assessment: |First the teacher introduces the story. Second, have the students write down a few of the challenging words | | |they may struggle with in the story. Third, the students write the words on their personal dry-erase boards. | | |Fourth, recite them after the teacher says them. Then, the Teacher reads aloud the story “A chair for my | | |mother" by Vera B. Williams. Review the most frequently used words after reading the story. .Ask them

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