5.04 Planning a Letter

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|Name: Jessica Juden |Date: 9/25/14 | Graded Assignment – LACII Unit 5, Lesson 4 [pic]BEFORE submitting this assignment, you MUST complete the 5.02 Quiz. Planning a Letter to the Editor The questions below will help you plan your letter to the editor. You may have already answered some of them in your Student Guide, so refer to your Student Guide, if you wish. Also, please refer to Lesson 5.04 for help with the Outline. (2 points) 1. What issue have you chosen for your letter to the editor? |Score | | | Why more people in America are/should be carrying guns with them more than they used to. (2 points) 2. What is your position on that issue? |Score | | | You should carry a gun with you (legally) (6 points) |Score | | | 3. Write the thesis statement of your letter in a complete sentence. This is your solution for your issue and your main argument. It should inform your readers of your issue and state what you think should happen. Avoid saying “I think,” “I am going to tell you about,” “The issue I have chosen is,” or anything else that refers to yourself or announces your issue. SAMPLE THESIS: Building more homes on the only remaining land in our already crowded city is not a solution to the housing crisis; instead we should look at alternate sites, like the many abandoned commercial properties in our city, to build more housing. People today are crazier than they used to be. Because of this us American’s are carrying our guns with us more so we can feel safer. (10 points) |Score | | | 4. Write a
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