Migrant Hostel Peter Skrzynecki Spirited Away Analysis

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How is the concept of 'belonging' represented in two of Skrzynecki's poems and one related text Loss of identity and unfamiliarity are catalysts for a lack of acceptance by society and as a result the comfort associated with belonging is lost. The concept of belonging, or rather to not belong, is explored in both of Peter Skrzynecki, an ex-immigrant, Australian poet of Polish and Ukrainian origin’s poems, ‘Migrant Hostel’ and ‘Ancestors’ as well as Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animator and producer, and one of four sons’ animated film, ‘Spirited Away’. Both Skrzynecki and Miyazaki carefully employ language and visual techniques respectively to effectively convey this notion of lack of acceptance by society. In doing so, a bond between the audience and subject of this notion is formed and emotional response is amplified allowing for this idea to be more readily received and understood by the audience.…show more content…
Skrzynecki utilises a simile to equate a gate that keeps the migrants away from society to a finger that diminishes their confidence to the point that they really believe they are inferior to the humans that reside on the other side. This is evident in stanza 4, “As it rose and fell like a finger | Pointed in reprimand or shame”. The vivid imagery that arises of a large finger that points towards the migrants shaming them like an owner shames a dog for doing wrong elicits the implication that the migrants are truly lower than human. In doing so it evokes an empathetic response from the audience and a deeper understanding of the underlying notion of lack of acceptance is

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