Bruce Dawe Speech

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“ENTER WITHOUT SO MUCH AS KNOCKING” The poem named “Enter without so much as knocking” by Bruce Dawe, implies how consumerism has a negative impact on society in the modern world. The main ideas expressed within the poem start with The Epigraph at the beginning of the poem which translates in English as: “Remember, man that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return.” This Epigraph is a quote from Genesis, and is the central idea throughout the poem. It exaggerates the fact that whilst consumerism may bring about a sense of wealth and possession, everything is temporary and regardless of however much we acquire or possess in the material world, none of us are beyond the forces of nature; at our death. Throughout the different stanzas, it is evident that Dawe highlights the sudden nature of life. The theme of Consumerism is again brought to the fore, as it shows how losing individuality, and giving into to mass-conformity and consumerism is the only way to fit into society when he. The futile cycle of human lives in a materialistic world is portrayed in this poem, underlining all of the shallowness and facades in society, showing us how lonely and emotionless a person’s life can really be due to consumerism. The main poetic techniques employed within the poem, involves the use of imagery to display the shallowness of life through the descriptions of Human life as a game show; family as an advertised product; Stars like kids at the circus; the cemetery as an underground city. The Epigraph at the start of the poem, is also effective in communicating the central point to which the whole poem revolves. In addition, the use of language through metaphors, personifications and similes all contribute to the theme of consumerism. Dawe also uses rhetorical questions, tautology and alliterations to give the poem a trite tone. As
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