Chickens Range Free Analysis

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“Chickens range free” is an article about an incident where by hundreds of chickens were released from a delivery truck. The chickens were destined for the chopping block, but according to witnesses, two men evacuated the scene after ‘rescuing’ the animals. In response to this event, a talkback radio show took up the issue. The radio presenter, undoubtedly not amused nor content with what coincided that night, expressed his or her own opinion. From the outset, the presenter sees those responsible for the releasing the chickens as hooligans and strongly despises their actions. This is evident when he employs a disparaging tone to tarnish the character of his targets. A shift into a compassionate tone is used to instigate a feeling of questionability within the audience.…show more content…
This not only compels the readers to see the lack of common sense by which these people are trying to achieve, but to completely view them as people who pose as a stain of society. This element of their nuisance is enhanced by the use of words “bludgers” and “hippies” by which label them as lazy, freeloading parasites who are unable to move on with society and regress into useless human beings. The attack continues with the words ‘activists’ and ‘liberationists’. These words imply there is a hidden, unclear agenda by which these people are trying to achieve and more importantly how. This appeal to fear causes the audience to question the behaviour of these people creating a sense of fear and doubt. Therefore, by creating this illusion the audience is confronted by fear and are willing to agree with the presenter to avoid a potential situation – there by justifying their actions as dangerous and

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