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Name: Bianca Carroll 1. In the following situation identify the implied population. A recent report on the weekly news presented the findings of a study on the effectiveness of Onglyza, along with diet and exercise, for treating diabetes. * The implied population would be people who have diabetes. Even though you could take into consideration that the implied population could be the individuals that watch the weekly news, it is intended for the information to be passed on to individuals who could benefit from this information on these new diabetic treatments. 2. In the following scenario identify the type of statistical study that was conducted. A Gallop poll surveyed 1,018 adults by telephone, and 22% of them reported that they smoked cigarettes within the past week. * I would say that this would be an observational study because the characteristics of this population were being observed and the sample population in the study were in no way influenced by the researcher. They were solely asked to answer the question and their answers were not manipulated. 3. In the following scenario what is the statistic and the parameter it would estimate. A recent study of 460 drivers age 70 and over by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 75% of those drivers had uncorrected vision problems. * The reported statistic would be 75% of the 460 drivers age 70 and over. Which would be a total of 345 drivers age 70 or older that had uncorrected vision problems. * The parameter would be the total population of drivers age 70 and over the have uncorrected vision problems. 4. What type of sampling procedure was used to collect the data in the MM207 Student Data Set? - I think that this would be a convenience sample because it is using the population of college students in the sampling. This is a total of 175

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