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Date 08/24/12 JOURNAL OF CHAPTER THREE'THE MEARCH TO TYPE 2 DIABETES' In this chapter MD kaufman clearly explain how type two diabetes occurs in person. . Mostly person gain weight when there is excise amount of fate in a body . Insuline is responsible to store fatic accid but when there is excsee amount of fatic accid in a body insuline not able to cover it which cause diabeties . She also give example to the reader that obyes is the main problem of strock , cadiovascular failurer , high or low blood pressure . She explain when they are in a collage her friend Elizabeth was totally normal at the begining but when she start to eat kind of junk food stop doing exercise she gain her weight.Her friend tries to convence her to do exrecise but Elizabeth denai to do so. Afters yeare of seperation MD kaufman mate her friend again she looks totally different . Elizabeth told her she diabeties started on her when she was pregnant nad stil she have it. Kaufman mate her after long time so she dont like to make her upset but she want to bring her friend back to…show more content…
She try to explain to the reader by showing the example of George who was having type one diabetes . The symptoms of type one diabetes are frequeshe urinate , frequent thrist, excessive eating . George whos family has histry of type one diabetes. At the begging georg was given medication for type two diabetes but that didnt help him at all.After MD kaufman examine Georg and go througt family histry she realize that he has type one diabetes. She gave insuline to decreased bloodsugar .In type one diabetes the patient didn't lose ability to create insuline but lose ability to protect immunne system. That happened to georg also. That is why doctor has given insilline to maintain the balance in the

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