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Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Date: 7/13/14 Course: MGMT-408-62787: Mgmt of Technology Resources Instructor: Dr. Kirby Scheer Introduction The Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) is an aggressive advocacy organization that represents the business community to the state and lobbies the legislature on issues ranging from transportation, industrial development, business tax issues, to banking laws. Since its founding in the early 1900s, the MSCC has grown considerably. In order to support their continual growth, Senior Management decided to expand their existing IT infrastructure by purchasing new hardware and a new information system. Senior Management: * Jack Wallingford, President * Len Lassiter, VP of Marketing and…show more content…
The MSCC routinely hired a contractor, Nolan Vassici, to maintain their current systems and develop custom software as needed. In 2004 Leon Lassiter along with Simon Kovecki conducted an analysis of MSCC’s current information system and the future needs of the MSCC. In 2005, MSCC reorganized and computer operations were reassigned to Jeff Hedges. Fearing Hedges did not have the time or interest to devote to computer operations, Lassiter requested information and quotes from several companies specializing in sales and marketing software. Lassiter decided to use a smaller new company called UNITRAK. After reviewing their software, Lassiter was convinced their software held the most potential for MSCC to become more efficient. Lassiter made the proposal to senior management in October of 2005 and gained full support. Lassiter also made the proposal to the board of directors and gained their approval to move forward with the purchase. After getting the approvals, Lassiter turned it all over to Hedges to purchase and implement the new system. By February of 2006 there was no progress in purchasing the software. Lassiter took it upon him-self to get the process moving…show more content…
Proper planning would have allowed for the installation of a new phone line for vendor access, backups of the data on every system in use prior to migrating to the new system, methods for migrating the data, and extensive user training. Proper planning would also set forth realistic time lines for implementing the new system. The third issue is the ineffective and inefficient management of resources. As with the issue of poor planning, the resource management issue would best be resolved with a proper project and SDLC. For MSCC, there is only one IT person on staff, Kovecki, and the tasks required to implement the UNITRAK system are more in depth and detailed than one person can handle. By using the SDLC a proper project plan is developed, and part of the plan is resource allocation. By using the project plan, MSCC would be able to allocate Kovecki’s time more efficiently. MSCC would also have seen that one person is not sufficient to install the hardware, software, and migrate the data to the new system. MSCC would have had the opportunity to hire additional contractors or full time employees to implement the

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