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Running head: Prioritizing The IT Prioritizing the IT Project Portfolio NHROC Project Funding Background Within NHROC there are many Military/Government commands. Those commands have several servers, desktops, Operating Systems, software, and applications. Before September 11th, 2001 the amount of technical items the NHROC possessed was not an issue. Once the attacks on September 11th occurred it became very important for the NHROC to reduce its technical footprint. (Operational Planning Group, 2007) The necessity to reduce the NHROC’s technology was imperative to protect the nation from cyber attacks. This reduction would support the formation of new teams, promotions in our IT departments, and a major overhaul in security.…show more content…
This effort called Technology Asset Reduction Security (TARS) was under way and all would begin the journey towards consolidation. Not only was this for security sake, but after the initial cost of spending money to consolidate a major amount of money would be saved in the end. At first the IT department heads were not impressed by getting rid of anything in the inventory, but as time went on they did start to see this as an opportunity. A strong emphasis was put on justifying every piece of technology purchased. The Chief Information Officers (CIO) was now looking at everything we purchased. The 51% reduction had to be started soon for TARS to be successful and the goal realized by FY…show more content…
This tool is outdated and NHROC is currently running on version Conos version 7. The reporting mechanism and functionality is much improved in the new version of Conos. In addition to added improvements for functional managers is also the availability of security patch and software release updates. Conos 8 was also on the TARS approved list. • Solaris 10 – NHROC Servers are running on a much older version of Solaris and many servers are at different versions. In order to update the servers we need to upgrade the OS to Solaris 10. Once all servers are at the same OS, consolidation can begin. • 200 Concurrent Usage Conos 8 web licenses – The purchase of the Conos 8 licenses allows for the reduction of multiple servers at multiple sites. The current configuration has several Conos servers placed around the regions. These servers are accessed by the onsite personnel for report gathering. The purchase of these licenses give report writers access to run build reports on a remote Conos server located at 1 center. Reduction of 6 Conos servers. • Guardian Edge Encryption Software and licenses – In an effort to keep data secure at each Region there is a requirement to purchase approved encryption software. The current TARS approved software is Guardian

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