Assignment 2: Data Breaches In Healthcare Organizations

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Data Breaches in Healthcare Tabitha Bryan March 10, 2014 Kaplan University Ensuring that protected health information is effectively and sufficiently is crucial for an organization. Information security is important because not only is it the law, but the lack of an effective information security program can prove to be costly to an organization as well as the endangerment of patients seeking treatment. Organizations must be aware of the growing opportunities for breaches in security as technology is advancing is making the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of protected health information easier (Sayles, 2013). This paper will provide two examples of recent security breaches within healthcare organizations, identify the threats…show more content…
Appointing an individual that has the capabilities of coordinating the development of security policies and ensuring that they are followed is vital to the implementation of a security program (Sayles, 2013). The next key step is to appoint an advisory or policy-making group. This group will work closely with the individual that has been appointed to ensure that security policies are being followed. Together they will identify the security needs of the organization, establish the security program, including monitoring and sanction policies which are just as crucial to the security program as the security program itself. Staff members of the organization need to be informed of the monitoring and sanction policies and have an understanding that penalties have been established for noncompliance of security and privacy rules (Sayles,…show more content…
Network safeguards should include the use of firewalls, encryption of data, the use of digital signatures or certificates as well as web security protocols. Intrusion detection systems use is a great way for the organization to identify attempts or actions to penetrate a system to gain unauthorized access (Sayles, 2013). The organization should also address the issue of ensuring the quality of data being collected, stored and used. Ensuring data quality is also essential to an effective security program and can be managed through monitoring and tracking systems. The organization should ensure they implement a business continuity plan as well as a disaster recovery plan to ensure that the organization can continue operating during an unexpected shutdown or disaster. This plan is often designed with the use of the information gathered during the risk analysis or assessment step. To effectively design and implement a business continuity plan the organization should ensure that there is an individual that is assigned to develop and implement the plan, determine how a disaster is identified, develop a recovery plan and test the plan periodically (Sayles,

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