Metabical Essay

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Metabical Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) 1. International health care company 2. Had $ 25 billion in sales in 2007 3. Makers of two important products: a. Zimistat – most successful product launched till date, and b. Metalbical – safe and effective for moderately overweight individuals Barbara Printup, Senior Director of Marketing, CSP has been entrusted the task of launching Metabical, which is scheduled for January 2009. CSP has spent 10 years and $ 400 million developing Metabical. A successful launch of Metabical will strengthen CSP’s positioning in the market. For this, Printup wants a clear and targeted marketing plan. SWOT Analysis of Metabical Strengths 1. Approval by FDA 2. Safe and effective in stimulating weight loss 3. Less dosage (only 1 pill/day) 4. Reduced stress on heart and liver 5. Side-effects are insignificant as compared to competitors 6. Helps in behaviour modifications and healthier eating habits 7. Experienced R&D and Marketing team 8. Significant budgett allocations 9. A dedicated DTC advertising | Weaknesses 1. Negative side-effects, similar to gastro-intestinal discomfort 2. Not very effective for individuals with BMI >= 30 | Opportunities 1. Target customers’ (over 65% of adult population) size is enormous. 2. No prescription-drug options are available in the market for overweight individuals 3. Some health care plans are willing to include Metabical in their prescription drug program 4. Backed by CSP’s comprehensive support program | Threats 1. Stringent FDA approval and testing 2. Competitors like Alli and Xenical 3. Substitutes like herbs and dietary supplements 4. Deceptive marketing claims | Answer 1. A. Segmentation according to: 1. Those who want to lose weight to loook better (65% of age group 18 to 35 and 40% of age group 35+)
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