Men And Women Language Essay

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Differences in Male and Female Language We use language every single day to share information or just as a tool for thinking. It is a well established fact that men’s and women’s language differs at some points. Like Dr. John Gray said “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the differences between male and female communication. The three main differences are usage of vocabulary, the most common topics and linguistic style of language. The most notable difference between men’s and women’s language is the usage of vocabulary. Some vocabulary items are even gender dependent. For instance, a word “gorgeous” is three times as likely to be used by a female speaker as by a male. Men use it only to talk about women, while women use it to talk about clothes, furniture, food and men. In addition, women use more empty adjectives for example, charming, sweet, adorable though males try to avoid them because they describe these words as “unmanly” and inappropriate for male’s vocabulary. Comparing male and female communication we notice another great difference. Women and men tend to talk about different topics. Men usually talk about sport, politics, cars, business, money and rarely share their feelings or their personal problems, whereas women tend to talk about fashion, food, child-rearing, feelings and personal relationships. Furthermore, men refer more frequently to quantitative aspects of life such as time, space and action. In contrast, women refer more to qualitative aspects of life such as emotions and personal life. Moreover, in all female groups women often discuss one topic for more than a half an hour, but men tend to jump from topic to topic. Yet, another difference between men and women language is linguistic style. Firstly, men use more directive language and use more nonstandard English for instance, double

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