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Recommendation Different genders clash with obscure communication styles while misunderstandings are built up more and more as pressure suppresses the imminent chaos between spouses. Males and females have a linguistic style that they speak to their same kind but creating clashes when speaking to the other sex. When taking marriage classes and improving relationships there are articles such as “His Talk, Her Talk” by Joyce Maynard and “Man to Man, Woman to Woman” by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas both discuss about the difference of language males and females talk rather than when the same gender communicates. Although Maynard focuses using pathos in her article to connect to the readers with emotion, however Sherman and Haas use a more…show more content…
Logical reasoning in Sherman and Haas’ article presents readers with an objective view on male and female communications with straight forward and credible information. For example, Sherman and Haas base their article’s information with observations and analysis “Our findings are based on responses to a nationally distributed questionnaire” (par 2). Since both authors use research results to address the information between gender communications, as a result their findings are based on statistics and facts. Sherman and Haas use “nationally distributed questionnaire” in order to convey readers their article is a credible source with an unbiased view. Although using emotion to discuss about male and female linguistic style connects to the readers, however emotions are a person’s personal view and always one-sided. Maynard uses her personal experience in “His Talk, Her Talk” to convey her readers about the different language styles of males and females “At a party I attended the other night” (par 3) as she explains her experience of genders separating with the same sex. Maynard gives her view and information on what she experienced with a biased view unlike Sherman and Haas who explain their claim with statistics and analysis while giving readers an objective outlook of their

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