Medium Is The Message

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COM 240: MASS MEDIA AND SOCEITY ESSAY TWO: “THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE” “The medium is the message” has become one of the most recognized world renowned quotes since it came out of the mouth of theorist Marshall McLuhan. With that quote he was thoroughly explaining the way we absorb information and how it affects us more than the information itself. He was absolutely correct with this, as it is natural human nature to absorb and learn. But where he was getting at is very different, I believe his questions were, what are we really learning? Is this really our medium? What can we do to change this and why hasn’t it changed? Like many predicted in his time our medium as doomed us all in the advancing act of communications. For example, Mr. McLuhan spoke of television and its affect on children due to how programs can be interpreted. He believed that television has an impact on children because of what’s in it. The medium he spoke of pulls people into the box of the new age focus and types of living, many times stirring our attention from something to nothing by involving more senses. To Mr. McLuhan, print only involved one sense, the visual. It only kept our attention in one way which was in small bits. “It enabled Western man to specialize and to mechanize, but it also led, he said, to ''alienation from their other senses.” This single handedly shows why our medium is evolving. It’s evolving because we’re evolving as viewers, in many ways we are the medium. The medium is a product of what we are becoming. “Its mosaic pattern of dots of light, its lack of detail, its motion and sound, and the fact that the light comes at the viewer - all these things make television-watching an aural and tactile experience as well as a visual one far more deeply involving for a child than reading a book.” The
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