Mechanization of the Cotton Industry Between 1880-1930 in Japan and India Essay

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In the mid-1800’s, industrialization swept Europe, allowing new ideas, business’s, and commercial production to flourish. Imperialistic industrialized nations, such as Britain, led to the spread of industry into its colonies’, which had an abundance of raw materials but different characteristics that shaped industry. This can be seen in the similarities and differences in the mechanization of the cotton industry between 1880 – 1930 in Japan and India. Similarities were seen in the rapid increase of textile production and the direct decline of the conditions of factory workers, who in both countries were mainly peasant farmers, while differences were seen in the dramatic difference in the gender that made up the majority of the labor force. In both Japan and India, industry revolutionized the cotton cloth industry, making it better, faster, and stronger. This dramatic increase in production can be seen in both documents 1 and 2. Document one is a chart of data compiled by British colonial authorities in India from 1884 - 1914, making it very trustworthy in its accuracy and truthfulness. The chart shows a huge increase in machine-spun thread and cloth, coinciding with a dramatic decrease in hand-spun thread and a slowing of the production of hand-woven cloth. This shows how industry made production easier and more efficient in India compared to old-fashioned hand-made textiles. Document 2 is also a chart showing cotton yarn production in the same years as document 1, but in Japan. It was also gathered by a government power, making it trustworthy as well. As in document 1, it shows a huge increase in machine-spun yarn production, jumping from 5 million to 666 million pounds per year in 30 years. This shows how Japan also had a huge increase in production of cotton materials starting in 1884. Document 6 restates the idea in document 1 of the increase in machine textiles

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