Mean Girls Essay

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Relationships Assignment Pamela Macintyre Question 1: Personal Power: The meaning of Personal power is your own ability to make your own decisions. For example, in the movie ‘Mean Girls’ The “Plastics” have no control over their decisions and just follow orders; Whereas Janice and Damien can choose and make their own decisions. Social Power: Mean Girls shows the social power through “The Plastics”. Regina George is described as ‘Flawless, hot and awesome’ but people just see the cover of a vindictive, backstabbing high school girl. She created a ‘Burn Book’ so she could judge them based upon money, actions, race and sexuality for example she refused to go anywhere near Janice after claiming she was a ‘lesbian’. Institutional Power: Question 2: Mean Girls shows both positive and negative uses of power in a relationship. Mean girls focuses on the stress and friendship crisis throughout the teenage world. Positive power was used when having to admit the wrongs and just how much can be achieved by saying ‘sorry’ which was proven that not one student has said. Negative power was seen through Regina. She thought it was alright being the ‘top girl’ the ‘queen bee’. But in reality it only inflicted more pain to others. Although it appears that she is not the one responsible for other peoples pain, she still has inflicted it through someone else; one of her ‘minions’. Question 3: Young people have a need to feel like they belong somewhere. Whether it’s a clique you have something in common with e.g. sports. Communication is helpful to everybody. It can help you to feel better, someone to talk to so you can relive stress. To display tolerance can be difficult if you feel like you don’t belong. Getting annoyed at someone because that brag about having a hot new thing that everybody’s talking about or want. Trying to be yourself and belong if probably the hardest thing in
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