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1. Determine how motivation strategies (at least two) could be used to effectively motivate team members. (Note: Motivation strategies are discussed in chapter 10 of the Leadership: Research, Practice and Skills textbook. This exercise must include at least one strategy from the textbook.) Using Recognition to motivate others: · Motivating others through recognition and praise is a direct function of positive reinforcement. Those who do well are rewarded for their accomplishment. Establishing a recognition program with rewards (such as an email to make note of the accomplishment or a team conference call) is an effective way for team members to motivate each other. Team players who are high performers want to be acknowledged for a job well done. It is human nature to need to feel recognized. Team players want to know that they are working for something and in doing so, periodically, that work will be noted and praised by the team. Using Coaching to motivate others: · Coaching is a method of encouraging others to perform and build on their strengths. Team leaders have to care enough about the people they manage in order to invest valuable time to build meaningful work relationships with them. The team benefits from coaching because it helps team leaders monitor and increase productivity of their team. Team leaders can learn quite a bit about their team through coaching. Coaching can motivate low performers to do more and high performers to push themselves even further. Coaching can drive positive results in a team and increase morale. An effective coach has to strategize the best moves and cheer the team

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