The Book Of Night Women

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Born to a 13-year old dying in her own pool of blood is a baby who emerges, “squealing like it depart from heaven to come to hell” is Lilith, the green-eyed daughter of Jack Wilkins, an "overseer" on the sugar plantation in Jamaica. Power is greatly portrayed in The Book of Night Women. Circe, the escort whom Lilith lived with oppressed herself due to the fact she slept with many men. Even though, she slept with men for money, she did it in exchange for money so she wouldn’t have to work on the plantation. Although she is a used character, readers can infer that she possesses herself. She is respected to the point where the Johnny jumper’s don’t come by her shack to cause trouble as they do to others. Though she is respected by many, she, herself has different view points on how a women should present themselves to men. “Soon and very soon you goin` be taking man” Circe constantly tells Lilith. She thinks that women have to have sex in order to be women. Lilith knew she was different from a young girl. She never let anyone, not even the little kids she played with say anything they pleased to. Even if it meant “She get a stiff slap”. Lilith holds herself to a high standard which Circe tries to knock out of her. Lilith, in return to Circe’s insults, taunts her in way. “Me goin` be like you. Me goin` have plenty man come a-callin for tuppence”. Lilith mocks her insults without fretting. Lilith does not act as if she is a slave, she acts as if she’s above it and she will stop at nothing to defend her honor. This story is built on its the setting. Being that they live on a slave plantation in Jamaica is the main reason for many of the actions that took place. The reason for Lilith to be so high and mighty is so that she wont be those average salves succumbing to societies mold. If this story was built somewhere else these struggles wouldn’t exist. These hierarchy’s

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