Me in Five Years

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In my mind 5 years are to little for a significant change. However, everything is possible. In my head a bunch of interesting questions arises: Will I have a home? An interesting and well-paid job? Someone who is up to me and support me? Nothing is safe! of course everybody has its own plans for the near future. For starters I want to have my bachelor's degree sucessfully completed. And then I will gradually began to build my life. Years will continue to queue five after five after five .. There will surely be a lot of changes in my private life. I will live in a big city, in new home and neighborhood! My life will be completely different, there will be more stress! My "intimate" world will change! I'll find new friends, there will be new obligations and things I will need to care about. The responsibilities will be more because I won’t be able to count on my parents (financially) anymore, I want to be independent and stand alone. Despite the differences, my everyday life will be the same. Again, I will be rushing somewhere, running not to late! Be it for lectures, seminars or any exam. I hope I will be able to spend some time resting with some sport or anything! Then as now there will be new goals to aspire, problems that I will have to solve and wonderful moments to cherish! Once I get used to the life in the big city I will come back here, albeit briefly. I hope things will be the same, I sincerely want to keep in touch with my current friends and I hope there will be someone whom I can rely on and feel good
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