Strengths Finder 2.0 Report

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Strengths Finder 2.0 Tom Ratin Abstract When I read this book it provided me with a summary and accomplishment for the thirty-four themes and strengths. This book gives you your top five strengths, complete with a summary and a detailed report. I had twenty seconds per question, and the entire test took about forty minutes to complete. The time to me was pretty interesting, but there is reasoning behind it. The test wants people to reply on instinct instead of reasoning, or thinking about the correct response, produces more truthful results. Context I tend to welcome numerous people into my circle of friends, classmates, or coworkers. I deliberately seek out people who use the past as their frame of reference for understanding current…show more content…
I am content when people tell others I am a trustworthy, and accomplished individual. Numerous people probably count on me to tell them about information updates, or due dates. Competition I often unravel perplexing ideas, problems, or puzzles. I usually continue working until i discover how something operates. I think much faster when I know someone else is trying to understand how the same thing functions. This motivates me to finish first. Because of my strengths, I tend to aspire to hold the top job in a huge organization. I refuse to be content with my performance until I have been declared the most successful, or accomplished person in the group. Keeping each week’s tasks and goals in mind probably improves my chances in being successful in life. Self-Assurance I rely on my drives to decide how to react appropriately to a situation, or an individual, or a crowd. Driven by my talents, I personally feel content too steady improvements I make as an individual throughout life. I have confidence in my talents and knowledge. Infrequently I trust myself enough to test my own endurance and swiftness. I am always open to new experiences when they come my

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