Mcluhan’s 4 Laws Of The Media

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McLuhan’s 4 laws of the media According to Marshall McLuhan, everything that extends us is a medium. For instance, the language is a medium that extends us. Thus, when he says that “the medium is the message”, it means that the medium integrates itself the message so it is perceived differently according to the medium. Thinking that new technology changes people’s perception, he came up with the 4 laws of the media: Enhance, Obsolete, Retrieve and Reverse. The main idea about enhancement is to know what does this new technology make better? In other words, what does it does it intensify? For example, we could see binoculars as an extension of the eyes. Also, a car intensifies the speed of the old transportations. As a consequence, with that first law, Marshall McLuhan considers that technology is beneficial for the humans. To me, I do agree with that because who can live in 2011 without a cell-phone or Internet? McLuhan’s second law deals with obsolescence. In other words, it means: what does this new medium make old? Indeed, for example, progress makes things better but on the other side it diminishes the use of something else, which as a consequence, becomes “out of date”. For example, cell-phone made phone booth obsolete. By saying “Affluence creates poverty” McLuhan probably meant a lot of things. In this case, we could see the “new media” as the “affluence” which makes another old media “poorer”. With his third law, McLuhan talks about retrieval. The real question is: what does the new media bring back from the past which was obsolesced? By saying, “We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror”, McLuhan probably meant that an old medium is kind of part of a new one by being retrieved. In other words, a new medium gets some characteristic from an old one. Then, the last McLuhan’s law is about reversal. In other words, when pushed

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