Mcdonald Corporate Analysis

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) McDonald Corporate Analysis Abstract McDonald is chain of fast food restaurant that runs over 30,000 restaurants in 117 different countries around the world. This paper presents a corporate analysis of this company. Specifically, the analysis will involve an evaluation of the company’s financial statement, financial ratios, equity, bonds, international operations and strategies. The aim of the analysis is to establish whether the company is forms a viable investment options. Analysis of financial statement and ratios revealed that McDonalds is well managed and highly profitable company that has a huge potential for future growth. Analysis of the company equity revealed that the company’s stock is one of the best performing in the market with strong potential for growth and high return. The paper concludes that McDonald is a viable investment option. McDonald Corporate Analysis 1. 1. Introduction McDonald is an American chain of fast food restaurants. It is the largest fast food chain in the world having operations in 117 different countries and over 30,000 restaurants. The company is listed in the New York stock exchange. This paper presents a corporate analysis of this company that was conducted with the aim of advising investment decisions. The analysis found that McDonalds in the largest fast food in terms of sale and that the sales for this company are on an increasing trend. This is a good trend for potential investors. The analysis also found out that the company is also profitable with the company recording growth in profits over the last five years. Asset and capital management ratio also indicate that the company assets are adequately managed and efficiently used in the generation of profits. An analysis of the company stock also revealed that the stock has been exhibiting strong performance for the last thirty years. During this

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