Mayan History Worksheet

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Mayan History Worksheet Name: ___________________ Date: _________ Period #:__________ 1. What products did the cities of Maya exchange in trade from their local environment? a. Salt, flint, feathers, and honey. b. Silk, wood, oil, and cloth. c. Copper, wool, paper, and pepper. d. None of the above. 2. About how many hieroglyphic symbols consisted in the Mayan writing? a. About 1,000 b. About 600 c. About 800 d. About 33 of the above. 3. What was the Mayan art composed of? a. Painting, models, and terracotta. b. Drawing, sculpting, and sketching. c. They did not have art. d. None of the above. 4. What is a basalt axe? Why did they use it? What was it made out of? a. A wooden axe made by the Indians. b. A very precise

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