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Tayler M Kuhn 814928731 Due: 11/20/2014 ANT 3141 Did the Maya Have Cities? In part one of this essay I will compare the Maya and Ancient Egypt, which in my opinion was a city according to what we have discussed in class, and list what lead me to the conclusion. A lot of my thoughts were compared to V. Gordon Childes list of what an urban society is made of, I do however know that there is more than the ten things listed to a society than what was provided. What I find most interesting about them, is their cyclical calendar, and how in the end it may have just been what lead the Maya to their inevitable collapse. In my opinion the city that is most comparable to classic Maya is ancient Egypt. Although ancient Maya was thousands of…show more content…
Within the cities were centralized large pyramid structures. While the Egyptians used their pyramids mostly for the tombs of great kings, the Maya used their pyramids or both tombs and religious ceremonial centers. The Mayas pyramids were for sacrifices, praises, and in a sense ancestor veneration centers for the elites. Also, the Egyptians and the Maya both had calendar systems, although they were very different. The Egyptians calendar revolved around the annual flooding of the Nile river which brought rich silt to the valley, and was the beginning of the agricultural season for the Egyptians. In the Classical Maya period the Maya created a sophisticated calendar system of overlapping cycles that included multiple cycles, a two hundred and sixty day calendar, a three hundred and sixty five day calendar and a few more that I have not listed. The cycles restarted every fifty two years, which in my opinions could of lead to the inevitable collapse of the Maya. Both Egyptian and Mayan cultures were Polytheistic in their religions with rulers that represented Gods on Earth. The ancient Egyptians revolved heavily around Earth and Sun gods, which they believed controlled the vital flooding of the Nile. Egyptian rulers,

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