Maya Angelou's Lifespan Development

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Walden University Earlyn K. Lalgee Lifespan Development Developmental Constructs through the Lifespan of Maya Angelou Dr. Kelly Arnemann ABSTRACT Born Marguerite Johnson on April 4th, 1928, Maya Angelou stands today a well renowned poet, author, dancer, writer, singer, actress, waitress, mother, sister, friend and wife; lived a life full of pains, struggles, misfortunes, happiness, success and joy. Growing up as a child, she experienced the divorce of her parents, moving to new places, discrimination, rape and solitude. During her teenage years she engaged in self fulfilling activities, graduated from high school and gave…show more content…
During her early childhood, Maya lived with her paternal grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas; a community at the time divided by racism, segregation and discrimination. Experiencing this first hand, Maya was comforted by her grandmother, who taught her to rely on God and the close knit family structure for sustenance. At church Maya, like the rest of the children were encouraged to read, memorize and recite in public selected pieces, an activity that stirred her desire for reading. Maya learned about the history of her people, and experienced the ‘power of the word’ (Gillespie, Butler & Long, 2008). Surrounded by caring, supportive adults, these experiences contributed to Maya’s cognitive development as she pleasurable explored literary works at a young…show more content…
Maya is a living testimony that resilience just like personality, cognitive, physical and emotional development is important for success. Never attending college, Maya holds thirty honorary degrees and many medals of Honor. Experiencing the changing times, did not affect Maya’s development in her late adulthood. She embraced it and welcomed the changes in her world, body and mind. She continues to teach and share her wisdom with her family and close sister/brother friends. Erickson’s stage of Ego integrity versus Despair can be applicable to Maya’s life at this stage. Maya has lived a full life and is satisfied with her achievements and has achieved ego

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