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Comparison of Mass Media Many forms of communication from mass media have numerous ways of discussing and representing news and headline stories. Magazines, newspapers and the Internet are all written in different ways for different purposes. The Boston marathon bombings dominated the headlines in April and Americans are demanding to know why one of their most valued sporting events could become the target of a deadly act of terrorism. The forms of the articles that are being compared are a newspaper and an Internet article. The newspaper article was an American newspaper from the state of New Jersey named The Trentonian. The title of the article on the front page was ‘Bombs Rock Boston’ which was published on the 16th of April; just one day after the incident took place. The second article was an Internet article from a media network named Al Jazeera. The article was called ‘Boston Marathon bombings: Breaking the pattern’ which was published on the 17th of April. The two articles look at the tragedy from different angles. The American newspaper focuses on what happened, personal experiences and how justice should be served, while Al Jazeera’s article focuses on why the suspicion of Muslims being responsible for attacks on America continues. The first and most noticeable difference between newspapers and Internet articles is the target audience. The audience is the main reason for the difference in content and style between these two medias. The Trentonian has a US audience, specifically the elder people of New Jersey, while Al Jazeera’s article has a global reach as it is an Internet article but specifically targets the Muslim world as it is based in the Middle East. Internet users also tend to be younger than those who read newspapers. Both the newspaper and Internet article share similarities in terms of content. Both articles were written in third

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