Mitt Romney's Decision To Attack Obama

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Behind Romney’s Decision to Attack Obama on Libya by David E. Sanger and Ashley Parker (New York Times) In an article published on September 12, 2012, journalists focus on Mitt Romney’s decision to attack Obama’s foreign affairs and draw some spotlight to him. Recently, the Obama administration has been dealing with increasing tensions in Cairo, an area in which protests have been occurring and most importantly, the deaths of the ambassador to Libya and others. Romney states in his speech that instead of apologizing for America and the violence that has happened in diplomatic facilities of this area, the Obama administration should have defended the interests of Americans more efficiently. The next day, we learn that the events that occurred in this region have become clear and in fact Romney’s statement is wrong. Now the tables have turned and the criticism turns to Romney and his reasoning for this attack on Obama.…show more content…
This decision ends up backfiring which leads Democrats (and now some Republicans) to strengthen their aversion towards him. Taking this decision into consideration, as well as all of the evidence we have on Romney for being a “flip flopper”, people may begin to feel differently towards this man being the right choice for America. It seems that this close to the election, Americans are still trying to figure out the real, truthful views of Mitt

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