Boston Marathon Bombing

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Running head: BOSTON BOMBERS Boston Bombers Walter Hogan Alanna Smith Terrorism and Homeland Security CRJ 440 November 13, 2013 Strayer University BOSTON BOMBERS Two apparent explosive devices were detonated near the crowded finish line of the Boston Marathon. The explosions took place at the 4:09 mark of the race, and approximately ten seconds apart. As soon as news of the Boston Marathon bombings broke around 2:50 p.m. on Monday, April 15, myriad layers of the U.S.’s problem-solving teams and experts came into play.” Particularly noteworthy was the initial response of law enforcement units, emergency medical crews, hospitals, and various government agencies. These first responders identified victims, treated injuries, quickly…show more content…
After the bombings at the Boston marathon last week, thousands of would-be sleuths flocked to the internet. They scoured pictures and video and posted images of suspicious characters with backpacks, who seemed to fit official descriptions of the most wanted. But they failed badly: members of the social media and entertainment website Reddit falsely accused a missing college student, Sunil Tripathi, of the crimes. Virtually everything those sleuths from Reddit had discovered was wrong. This slowed the investigation and interrogation procedures.…show more content…
We (public) reserve the right to evaluate those policies for quality, program effectiveness, impact and cost. We (the public) reserve the right to assess the whether a set of activities implemented under a specific policy has achieved a given set of objectives. There are, however, certain operational security endeavors, activities, programs and policies which are vital to our nation’s security that should remain secret to preserve our national security interests and it should remain that way. BOSTON BOMBERS References: Hodson, H. (2013) Nowhere to Hide vol. 218, issue 2914, 02624079, 04/27/2013 Retrieved from: Strayer Library Data Base Craighead, G. (2013) Law Enforcement Technology: Sharing Video With Police Retrieved from: Strayer Library Sep2013, Vol. 40 Issue 9, p18-22. 4p Rash, W. (2013) Boston Bomber Manhunt Reveals Power, Risks of Crowd-Sourcing Retrieved from: Strayer Library: EWeek 15306283, 04/22/2013 White, J. (2014) Terrorism and Homeland Security (8th ed.) /The Media As A Force Mulitplier Chp. 5

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