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Sidakmeet G20 Riots The G20 riots that broke down on July 26 2010 in downtown Toronto made a day in the history of Toronto with largest mass arrest about 1118 protestors were arrested and caused damage worth million of dollars to the public property, shops and historical buildings and injuries to several people. No one had ever seen anything like this in Toronto and cops were trying their best to bring everything under controlled but riots were getting more intense. During the course of the G20 summit about 2000 angry protestors broke away from the protest route and headed toward the convention center where the summit was on its way but they were unsuccessfully as police maintained their blockades, protecting the fence. Protestors smashed the windows of various office buildings and stores along Yonge Street, Queen Street West using hammers, flag poles, umbrellas, chunks of pavement and mailboxes as the conditions were getting bad security was more tighten and more cops were called from neighbouring cities help calm the people. The first property damage reported was a Nike store and even the police headquarters was damaged by the protestors the riots were keep on getting more intense as now the protestors started blazing police cruisers on fire in various location and many bank branches were damaged which led to a total lockdown to Younge street police even the transportation was put on lockdown all the buses and subway was halted. For the first time in Toronto police used tear gas to control the riots. Now the police came in action and started to use rubber bullets and pepper sprays to stable the condition. Over the course of the day 300 people were arrested and many were injured during arrest and next day it was a relief day as many of the lockdown were removed and public transportation was operating again and additional officers from the Ontario

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