Mary Grace In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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I believe that it is human nature to judge and label people based on physical characteristics and then by individual qualities. When we first see someone, we immediately start judging based on how they dress, what kind of car they drive, and other things. We judge hoping to find some commonality with other people because most people desire to be in a group with other people like themselves. Many times these judgments are wrong, yet it does not stop people from doing the same thing to the next person that they meet. With this being said, we all are secretly like Mrs. Turpin. From the moment she walked in the doctor’s office she began to judge people based on whether someone would offer her a seat and their physical appearances. Mary Grace is a symbol for grace and revelation in the story thus representing the religious overtones. Her point in the story was to help Mrs. Turpin become a better woman. Mrs. Turpin considers herself to be a Godly woman, yet she is extremely judgmental and full of rude thoughts. Many Christians use the phrase “only God can judge me” but Mrs. Turpin does not exemplify this in the slightest manner. Almost every thought in her head is a judgment and she even considers herself to be better than many people. While I do believe that she is thankful,…show more content…
Turpin and the grandmother from “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” The grandmother was a very snobby woman. She considered herself to be a “lady” and superior to common people. The grandmother is also very judgmental as seen in her assumptions that black people did not have the things that she had and that Europe was the cause of the things being the way they were at the time. Mrs. Turpin is also judgmental and snobby. She too thinks that she is above some people because she has a little bit of everything. Both women have moments of grace in which they learn something about themselves and are given the opportunity to be

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