Martin Luther 95 Theses

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RUNNING HEAD: Luther’s 95 Theses Luther’s 95 Theses HIST 101 Western Civilizations Instructor: Dorothy Slane Leslie Brooks October 2, 2011, Thesis In the 95 Thesis Luther is basically discussing his disappointment with the Catholic Church. He did not approve of the way the pope was granting partial remission of time to be spent in purgatory or any other consequences that may be given to the people because of a sin they have committed. The church was basically practicing in the selling of indulgences when they did not have the right to remit and penance for any sin or guilt. That was the sole job of their God and no one else could produce that right or charge for a right that they do not even possess. Luther was also disappointed in man and felt that they should take the consequences that go with their sins and hope that these lessons could be taught to them before it would become too late. In expressing his disappointment with the church, Luther goes on to discuss the real ways a man should repentance his sins and not the way the church is having them repent at the current time; which is by having them pay for pardon of their sins and guilt. He states what he believes is to be worthy of god when it comes to recognizing the wrong in something that you have done and now want to be sorry about. He also goes on to state that the pope does not have the power to forgive someone’s sins that is the power of the lord and only him. The pope can only remit sins or guilt by announcing that GOD has actually remitted the guilt. Luther saw as the major problem with the religious practices of his day the fact that Christians were buying pardons for their guilt and sins rather than seeking the penalties they deserved. He was afraid that the more pardons the Christians purchased the freer of penalty they would become and possibly commit more sins
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