Marry Early or Marry Late Essay

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Marriage is an expected stage in a person’s life. However people argue over whether it is better to marry early or to marry late. Marriage is a life-long commitment and it is sacred. Some people become married because of their culture or environment. There are cultures and religions that have arranged marriages. Arranged marriages are very common in several countries. Some marry due to pregnancy. The divorce rate is higher in couples that get married early rather than later. It is really sad because marriage is supposed to be forever. Marriage should be with someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. If a younger couple thinks they are ready for marriage than they should wait several years to make sure the marriage will work. Some people wait to marry later so that they can concentrate on their education and career. Marrying later definitely has its advantages over being married early. Getting married later is better because of maturity, financial advantages, and raising a family. Maturity is the first difference in marrying late or marrying early. The older a person becomes, the more mature he or she will become. A person's view on how to deal with a situation changes the older one may grow. However, younger people may not maturity needed to deal with a difficult situation. For instance, a younger persons view on situation would be different then someone older. Being older and getting married a person has a better understanding of how to deal with problems and how to raise a family. On the other hand, younger people would not be prepared for a life in marriage. A person needs to have enough personal experiences and skills to maintain a healthy marriage and family. Immaturity shows in young men and women when they cannot make a commitment. Older people are more mature and are happy being at home with their family. On the other hand,

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